Who are we?

Michael Moder Ltd is engaged in serious bilateral collaboration with individuals and companies worldwide in the area of health care and personal development.


ownersVision Statement

  • Our company, Michael Moder Ltd, and its subsidiaries spreads enlightening ideas and offers mutually beneficial collaboration and fair treatment to people all over the world. Club MM was established for this purpose, to enable companies to offer their services on the same principle.
  • Through our honest work and deeds, we want to provide inspiration in all spheres contributing to human health and knowledge. This is why the company bears the name of its founder. It does not hide behind a concocted name and accepts full responsibility for its actions in public.
  • Our courses, educational seminars, books and videos are aimed at teaching skills, raising awareness of disease prevention and independent thinking.
  • Our studios, operating under the name of Michael Moder STUDIO of Therapy & Fitness®, focus on the complex care of humans.
  • We show people methods of taking the responsibility for their health and lives into their own hands.
  • Our unwavering human values ​​are: serious collaboration in business and other spheres, sharing useful ideas among people, in particular those for functional families, friendship, love, fairness, humility and a legacy for future generations of whom we do not have to be ashamed.
  • Our goal is to connect and educate good people, and thus at least in a small way to contribute to the healing of our planet. We believe that if we begin with positive change to ourselves, ultimately the entire Earth will change and, instead of rivalry, competition and looting, we will start to behave like genuine thinking people.
  • We want to donate part of our earnings – whether in the form of money, services, or goods purchased with this money – to those in need.


Owners of Michael Moder Ltd

ModerMichael Moder – Alternative Therapist, Fitness and Nutritional Consultant, creator of his treatment method – the Moder Method® – and other original systems and methods protected by trademarks, author of numerous articles on various topics, writer, trained manager with years of experience in business and marketing, including foreign experience. For his results in coaching, counselling and therapeutic work he was nominated to Hübners Who is Who, the significant global encyclopaedia of important personalities, a member of which he became at the beginning of 2009.





LucieLucie Balazova – Fitness Consultant, Alternative Therapist, specialist in supportive Dead Sea product treatment with Archaeabacteria, Ethicotherapy and Esoteric treatment.








We are professionals who have dealt with the above-mentioned matters for many years on a daily basis. It is our long-time hobby and enriching career. Our activities therefore do not lack empathy and positive energy, combined with educational motivation. We are not dull and cold salespeople of "something" or "nothing". Many of our clients have become our long-term friends who confidently turn to us with their problems.

Our clients include people of different ages and both sexes. We work with children, women longing to become mothers, pregnant women, mothers, sportsmen, the disabled, the sick, retired persons, whole families, etc. Some famous personalities are also among our clients. Our domain is health, the prevention of disease and personal development. We understand the body and soul as a whole which must be maintained in harmony.


How Michael Moder sees his work and mission

  • I do not flatter myself with diplomas, but with the results I have achieved.
  • If I seek a solution or a new pathway, I always focus on the goal I want to achieve.
  • My canon is always decency, bilateral cooperation and benefit.
  • If you do not wish to disrupt the world which you have built around yourself and believed in for years up to the present time, do not enter into broader debates with me...
  • What do I know best? Showing people ways in places they would never have sought them.
  • If you book a consultation, there is an almost 100% probability that the answers you receive are different from those you wanted to hear.
  • Energies surrounding us always affect us. That is why it is important to bear this fact in mind. It is necessary to think and live with positive energies all the time and everywhere.
  • Who is my greatest life model? There are several but, to me, right up in the front row of brilliant personalities are Master Leonardo Da Vinci, Jan Amos Komensky and Tomas Bata.
  • What can I say in conclusion? It is tragic that the contemporary educational system in many cases produces heartless, competitive egoists.

How Lucie Balazova sees her work and mission

  • I devote myself in my career primarily to women. Women create the harmony of home and form a strong family basis. Disharmony of female energy is manifested in relationships and also in fertility disorders.
  • I show women the options and a different viewpoint of the situations in which they find themselves.
  • I want women to rediscover the beauty within themselves and to be able to create harmony at home for the benefit of future generations.
  • I remind women how important their role is in society and in the family.
  • I write inspiring fairy-tales for children and paint pictures for the joy of all.


Characteristics of the owner of Michael Moder Ltd: 
Czech creativity and diligence, German discipline and order, English quality and fairness.
Michael Moder

The founder of the company and this website

Michael Moder - Alternative Therapist, Fitness and Nutritional Consultant, lecturer, writer, researcher, visionary, speaker, musician, motivational coach, spiritual teacher and, above all, a man who is not indifferent to the world in which we live. He is the creator of his own treatment method – the Moder Method® – and of other original systems and methods protected by trademarks. He has written several books and numerous articles on various topics. As a trained manager with years of experience, he is also well versed in business and marketing. Member of Hübners Who is Who encyclopaedia.
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